What are years… and the galactic supermassive black hole!

It’s leap year time… so what are years, anyway? And what do they have to do with the supermassive black hole in the core of the milky way?

Mr. Grey, of course: http://www.youtube.com/cgpgrey

Thanks to the UCLA Galactic Center: http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~ghezgroup/gc/
Their images/animations were created by Prof. Andrea Ghez and her research team at UCLA and are from data sets obtained with the W. M. Keck Telescopes.
(and I must note that the images included in this video are of simulated accuracy based on anticipated upgrades to the interferometry system – the current real images are equally impressive but slightly less clear: http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~ghezgroup/gc/pictures/Future_GCorbits.shtml )

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Thanks to Nima Doroud and Alex Yale for contributions and to Perimeter Institute for support. Created by Henry Reich

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